Creator has no name or figure. He is pervading in whole cosmos. In each kalpa He is creating one Brahma for creation, one Vishnu to protect the cosmos, one Shiva to destroy the cosmos in the end of that kalpa. To help the Brahma, seven planets are created that is Surya(Sun), Chandra(Moon), Kuja(Mars), Budha(Mercury), Guru(Jupiter), Sukra(Venus), and Sani(Saturn) . The seven planets are controlling the earth, human beings and other things as per the orders of the creator. The Sun creates blood and flesh. The Chandra creates skin, Kuja and Guru creates bone marrow, Budha creates intelligence, Sukra creates vitality, Sani creates bones and nerves. On this way Kalpas are going on. 14 kalpas i.e. 27 Mahayugas lapsed i.e. 12,096 crores of years lapsed. Lastly the creator thought that this cosmos and human beings and other things are to be kept eternal.

He thought that through Yoga alone it is possible to establish eternity. The Creator named His Yoga as "Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga" i.e. Bhrukta means hidden. Hidden means previous births? karmic effects. Rahita means eradication. Taraka means superior. Rajayoga means one should not leave his family life. He may practice the Yoga without discarding the family life, he need not be a sanyasi.

In olden days 64 Yogas are in existence. This is the 65th Yoga. All the information is given in scientific manner. So this yoga is named as New Yoga or Scientific Yoga.

To execute this Yoga the creator selected Canchupati Venkatrao Venkaswami Rao as a fit person. Venkaswami Rao was born on 04.08.1868 at 10:20 A.M. Dhanishta nakshatram at Ammal satram, Kumbakonam, India. The Creator dispatched his Yogas rules, regulations, instructions and other things through mahatmas who bodily living in Himalayas. Mahatmas received instructions etc. from the Creator and dispatched the same through MTA with instructions to dispatch this to Canchupati Venkatrao Venkaswami Rao. Accordingly the M.T.A. dispatched the message what he received from the Higher Source. After some time Canchupati Venkatrao Venkaswami Rao was titled as Master C.V.V. He started the Bhruktha Rahita Tharaka Raja Yoga on 30.05.1910 at 8.30. P.M. In this Yoga there is no Pranayama and Asanas.

After streneous practice Master C.V.V. found one atom is responsible for human creation. The atom carries carmic effects from birth to birth. If the karmic effects are thrown out the body will stand eternal.

At the time of birth the prana i.e. stability enters in the body in the form of air. Life prevails until the air stands in the physical body. If the air goes out the physical body remains without life i.e. death occurs.

The air moves in the body through nervous system. The present nervous system is breakable one. If it is burnt death occurs. If one practices the Yoga with devotion diligent faith, utmost care following the rules and regulations and with inner observation, the previous and present births karmic effects will be thrown out in the form of vibrations. The vibrations come through nervous system. Gradually the sadhaka gets development and attains knowledge little by little.

At the time of practice unbreakable nervous system will be formed. The newly formed nerve enters in the present nervous system as inner tube, which is unbreakable. After the completion of the new nervous system the stability i.e.prana or air never goes out of the present body. It rotates in the body. After the completion of this process the body will remain eternal i.e. without decay and figure change. The Creator dispatched temporary adjustments, so many courses, regulations, that is Gods Regulations, Planetory Regulations, Nakshatra regulations, Tadhasthudevatas Regulations, Sthree Devatas Regulations, Rishi Regulations etc. Nearly 900 and above Regulations were given to the Cosmos to bring out proper change to establish Physical Eternity. The regulations are now working in the Cosmos. So many calamities and changes may occur in the whole Universe. Master C.V.V. enlisted 752 mediums, Elizabeth Sharp Lembdi was one among them (medium no. 587). After the fulfilment we will not have thirsty, hunger and can live without sleep.

Each human being possess one Kundalini i.e. one molecule which is responsible for the human body. The molecule stands in between the bowels place and urinary system of the physical body. There is one cosmic kundalini. In this cosmic kundalini crores of molecules are deposited. At the time of Yoga practice if the sadhaka taps the cosmic kundalini it taps the human kundalini. Then the previous births karmic effects will be known to the Yoga practitioner. He must give a thought that these karmic effects are to be thrown out by the grace of the creator through the Master.

One has to practice daily three times. In the morning in between 4 to 8 A.M. and in the evening 6 to 8 P.M. and at the bed time a review prayer. The Sun controls the whole cosmos from 4 A.M. to 4 P.M. The Moon controls the cosmos from 4 P.M. to 4 A.M. One prayer removes the one birth?s karmic effects. Practice must be done without break and flaw. Minimum 10 years practice is essential.

Each human being is having one pitutary. In that pitutary so many cells are deposited. Each cell represents one disease. In 1916 itself Master found out 4448 diseases prevailing in the physical body. There is one cosmic pitutary. In that Pitutary crores of molecules are deposited. On one molecule so many minute particles i.e. atoms are deposited. Each particle represents each disease. Who is giving treatments in treating the patients must tap the cosmic pitutary for that particular disease cell. Immediately it taps the human pitutary, particular disease cell. If it is tapped the operator immediately report the same to the Master for relief. The patient gets relief immediately. If the sadhaka practices with diligent faith and with utmost belief with inner observation following the rules and regulations for a period of 10 years without break, he will be granted treatment powers by the Highest authorities. One must be a pure vegetarian, should not addict to alcoholic and smoking habits and character must be pure.

One must know (1) the Psychology to study of consciousness (2) Meta Physics or theory of reality to know the philosophy solution by thought (3) Physics to know the forces (4) Chemistry to know the composition of bodies (science or solution by experimental tests) (5) Biology to study of living or organic bodies. (6) Astrology to know the previous births and past karmas of persons. (7) Physiology to know the fuctions of the organs. (8) Anatomy to know the bone formation.

House No Details

Bone formation chiefly in 360 births with other formation


Flesh not formed by blood and organs selections.


Nerves, Organs fit up.


Heat with quality of penetrating, bone and producing liquid matter so as to be condensed as bones and also producing chillness to neves and flesh portions


Life and air (when this works physical conscience begins to work)


Arteries and Veins (study of conscience ? in this study, marking comes to the figure of the outer organs begins)


3 covers and organs ? fitting with communications between organs.


Activity kindling and the working of distribution of roots.


Life sensory Ether and birth formation of Sushumna, creation of Etheric


Astral Levels decay pervading motion working negative throwing


Mental ? Inhaling and Exhaling and swelling the form and fitting the Organs upto end.


Buddhic and Nirvanic Levels working in gaseous state working to next Birth. This will work to human form only after life. So long as man is Living, the 12th house work will not be shown.

Normal : - To each house at the rate of 360 births of 100 years being on Earth each, 10 houses work only is shown in the womb, 11th house is outer movement on earth.

12th to end of life as gaseous state for next birth.

Astronomy to know the dead raising When Sani that is Saturn bores the Kuja the Dead raising will occur. To know such things the study of Astronomy is essential. Those who are well acquainted with the above subjects will be given Yoga development and treatment powers by the Creator.

The above rules are not applicable for the persons who are coming for treatment purpose. To get rid of diseases three prayers are essential. Some may get relief with one prayer itself depending on his faith and belief. Master C.V.V. treated the chronic disease patients admitting them as inpatients and provided free fooding to the patients and their attendants.

The Creator said there is aura in the room where the Master practiced i.e. 65, East Dabir Street, Kumbakonam. Who wants to get rid of the karmic effects and diseases he may pray in the aura room. The aura will rectify their defects.

Master C.V.V fulfilled the creator?s view. He practiced and got powers and cured 4,448 diseases. He conquerred the death in four cases. Our Gurudev Sri Veturi Prabhakara Sastry garu joined as a disciple (Medium) on 22.06.1916 Medium No.330 to Master C.V.V. Sri Sastry garu got powers through Master C.V.V. and cured so many lakhs of people upto August, 1950. Sri Sastry garu had given life to dead persons by Master C.V.V.?s grace. Throughout his life Sri Sastry garu had given free treatments.

Recalling the dead.

  1. the dead whose body was burnt

  2. whose body is still here but life extrivent

  3. those about to die ? stopping their death.

When after two months, the matter is collected by stability in the man (father) and ground is not ready, it will return 7 times like this it will do.

I joined in this Yoga in December, 1940. I am also practicing without deviating the rules and regulations of Master C.V.V. So many persons get relief from chronic diseases and from astrals and evil forces. Master C.V.V. and Sri Sastriji went to patients' houses and rectified their diseases. Now the Master C.V.V. Yoga Centre and Sri Prabhakara Mitra Mandali also following the same principles and giving free treatments for all.

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